Sunday, May 12, 2013


Corum For Life is a 3D Fantasy MMO-rpg with an interesting world map feature like those found in single player RPGs. Chose from 5 classes and travel the world in search of new dungeons to conquer. Players can run guilds,  Guilds or single players can take control of the siege dungeon and defend them to the end to gain the reward  .You can make a party and go to pvp or try to kill the awesome bosses in this game and get some real great drops.  You can get into the Training dungeons and try to get to the last lvl and kill all the bosses that cross your path . Survivor dungeons are there for good lvling , they apear each few hrs and offer good Exp rates and a large bonus when you win the dungeon. Enjoy the large world of Corum For Life , it has much to offer !