Client Download Guide

Hi everyone,

The download for the Client is the same procedure like for manual patching .
The Client folder needs to be put in the correct place , so here we go .
-Download the Corum For Life Client , by using the download link we provided.

-Unpack the WINRAR File and youll see that there wil be a Corum for Life folder being created on your desktop (or wherever you direct it to)

-Place that Folder on your C:/ (In PROGRAM FILES)

-Open the Folder and you see this content:

-You see the highlighted shortcut in the picture , look it up .
-When you found it , place it on your Desktop , and connect to the server .
-you should be able to see login screen and create a account.

Account createing goes simple .

-Create a login name and password of your choice .
-Enter the Server and youll see a text message , means account is been made
-Reconnect with the same login/pw you just entert and you should be able to
see character making screen .

Hope to be of help , have any more questions just email us or jion live chat or ask a GM ingame .

Corum For Life Team