Manual Patch Guide

Hi everyone ,

We made a easy to use guide with screenshots for the people that dont know how to do manual patching .Since a couple of players didnt had any clue and it took 1 hr to explain it , we made a large guide , so al questions are answerred.
First of all we have a manual patch download button at the left-down side of the page , when you download youll see the picture like shown below .

download the patch file shown there, Its a winrar file .....So you need WINRAR to open the compressed file.

unpack the winrar file and youll create a Manager folder on your desktop

-now go to C:/ (myComputer)


-inside PROGRAM FILES you'll find a lot of folders , you need to look for >>CorumForLife<< folder . When you look into your CorumForLife folder youll see this :

-Look for the DATA folder
-Dont open it , now you need to copy the Manager folder that you just downloaded and paste it into the DATA folder .
-It wil ask to overwrite the Excisting manager folder , Say yes .
-this is al whats needed to do for manual patching (for manager folder )

Thats al folks , its easy to do , hope you get it done easy now
Thx for reading ,

CorumForLife Team